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Classic Engines, Modern Fuel

Classic Engines, Modern Fuel. The Problems, the Solutions

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The book, Classic Engines, Modern Fuel, is a compilation of Paul Ireland’s popular science articles, the Manchester XPAG Tests. These are based on the most comprehensive set of tests ever run on a classic engine using facilities at Manchester University. The book features real data and practical descriptions applicable to all classic engines.

Paul Ireland’s years of experience and no-nonsense scientific approach will help you get the best from your classic car or motor bike, allowing you to experience the pleasure of driving instead of worrying about breaking down!

All the royalties from the book and profits from the website will be used to help educate children in the 3rd world.

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Triumph TR Register (Mike Jennings)

The author’s objective is to provide an appreciation of how petrol engines of “our” vintage actually turn fuel into power, understand the evolving characteristics of modern petrol and advise practical steps to ensure we get the best from the combination. For those of us running TRs into the future, I am sure this book will become a primary reference as it is the first time we have had real test data on modern fuels with practical conclusions based on science.

MG Car Club

Classic Engines, Modern Fuel brings together a collection of popular articles previously published by the author in car club magazines. Based on in-depth research carried out at Manchester University, supported by the MG Car club and other organisations, the book reports on how classic engines respond to modern fuel, suggesting practical solutions to the problems. The results are presented in a way that any enthusiast can understand.

Paul Ireland’s years if experience and no-nonsense scientific approach will help you get the best from your classic car

Totally T-Type 2 (John James)

The articles on which this book is based have been published in my on-line magazine Totally T-Type 2; this has an international readership. Over the lengthy period of publication of the individual articles, many readers have contacted me to say how informative they have found them to be and have asked if there were any plans to publish them as a collection, all in one place.

Well, here it is! The book Classic Engines, Modern Fuel not only contains the updated articles, but also a host of other useful information for all classic vehicle owners. It dispels many of the myths about Ethanol blended petrol, raises questions about race tuning vehicles intended for road use and provides a wealth of practical advice on how owners can get the best out of their vehicles.

Highly recommended

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