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Classic Engines, Modern Fuel

Classic Engines, Modern Fuel - Bulletin Board

This bulletin board allows owners to ask questions and share information about the book, Classic Engines, Modern Fuel. The Problems, the Solutions.

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 CategoryDiscussion TopicsLatest CommentOwner
Choice of Fuel417-Apr-2024The Author
Ethanol Blended Petrol317-Mar-2024The Author
Slow Combustion206-Nov-2023The Author
Combustion and Cyclic Variability707-Oct-2023The Author
Carburettors907-Aug-2023The Author
Weak Mixture217-Jun-2023The Author
E10 - is this a worry?617-Jun-2023The Author
Tuning the Ignition System422-Mar-2022The Author
Keep the Fuel System Cool305-Aug-2021The Author
Petrol Volatility502-Nov-2020The Author
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