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Comments on Topic: Remove volatile components

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Submitted by Anonymous

The volatile components of the blend are the cause of bubles in the fuel circuit from the pump to the jets. Vapor lock. If I remember well, they are also partly responsible of cylcic variability. Hence slow combustion, overheating...

Since this volatile components seems to cause many issues, I'm wondering if it could be possible to remove them. Distillation of course. But it could be as simple as a direct exposition of the tank to direct sunshine (our T's allows that) with the cap open, during one day.

Maybe we don't care about these volatile components in our old engines. What is their function in today's engines ?


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Submitted by The Author


This comment is very interesting.

In the past I have stored my TC over-winter with about 2/3 tank full of petrol. Over this time a percentage of the volatile components will have evaporated. I have always found my TC runs better on the first run of the season using this "stale" petrol. However, I am aware that some Triumph owners have said their cars are difficult to start and run really rough after they have been left standing and are using "stale" petrol.

The front end components help starting and cold running. While I am not certain, I suggest they are most probably added to petrol to reduce cold running emissions in modern cars with their catalytic convertors.

As far as I can see the biggest problems with your suggestion are risk of fire and cost. Yes, if you left your car with the filler cap open, in the sun on a hot day, the low temperature volatile components would evaporate. The petrol vapour leaving the tank would be HIGLY flammable. The slightest spark, cigarette close by and .... whosh. Secondly, you could lose 30% - 40% of your petrol. It would effectively cost you about 150% more per litre.

At that rate, it would be worth buying Sunoco Optima 98.


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