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Comments on Topic: Additive for water in fuel

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Submitted by Bodger

With the corrosion problem of water getting into the ethanol blended fuels, I came across an additive called Wynns Dry Fuel and wondered if that would be of benefit.

Under advice from Paul I carried out a test on the Wynns Dry Fuel. Using a 500ml plastic drink bottle I mixed 250ml of E5 petrol from our local supermarket, 2ml water and 1ml of Dry Fuel additive.

When shaken it seems the water and the Dry Fuel combined and dispersed within the petrol. However overnight the water had separated and could be seen again at the bottom. One small shake did disperse the water/dry fuel through the petrol. The mixture looks like cloudy lemonade so I think the water/dry fuel has just broken up in to small bubbles rather than truly dissolved.I increased the dry fuel to 10ml and left it overnight again with the same result.

So I conclude that the water does get dispersed through the fuel but only when agitated.

I put a steel nail in to the bottle so it was in contact with the water at the bottom of the drink bottle. After 4 weeks of the bottle being undisturbed there is no rust on the nail.

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