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Comments on Topic: tcw3 marine 2 trokes oil mixed with modern fuel

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Submitted by Mart

Hello Paul

i have read a post where people mix marine 2 stroke oil tcw3 ashless with fuel ratio 640:1 what do you think about this mix? is it bad or good?

sorry for my english i 'am french...


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Submitted by Mart


No opinion?

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Submitted by The Author

Sorry about the delay in replying.

I was not impressed by the posting you sent links to above. The guy is wrong about ethanol and is more interested in oil than the combustion process of modern fuel. This is what causes the real problem.

I suspect adding 2 stroke is not having much effect. Did you say a ratio of 640:1 I.e 1 litre of 2 stroke in 640 litres of petrol?

Given a typical 2 stroke mix is 50 parts petrol to 1 part oil. You are effective adding 1 litre of oil to 32,000 litres of petrol! while there are possibly other additives such as detergents, agaib they would be present in such low volumes to have little or no effect.

Secondly 2 stroke is petrol with a small amount of added oil. I cannot see why adding oil to the petrol for 4 stroke engine would improve the combustion

However, after saying that it may make a slight change to the combustion process that will improve overall performance. So the best solution is to try it in your engine. See if it improves power output / consumption (less litres per mile) or if the engine sounds smoother.

If you do find it improves things, please post your response here.


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Submitted by Mart

thanks Paul

640/1 is approximately 0.15% of oil in petrol

I try this in 2 engines

first in my motorbike 2013 triumph tiger 800 , 3 cylinders, injection catalysis, the fist things i notice is the electric fuel pump was a lot more quieter ., 2nd the engine is very smooth at all the rpm , no vibration , like before with no oil an unleaded 98

2nd in my 1973 triumph tr6 carburetor , i didnt notice a great change except the cleanliness of the piston surface, my engine run fine before and is very smoothannnd this is why i didnt notice a change in vibration , for the fuel consumption , i dont notice a great change.

originaly i want to clean the soot in the exhaust and the result is : the piston surface is clean but my exhaust is always with little black soot and my AFR is good (MOT control 3.4% CO) . Is ther a way to have a clean exhaust?

the result of the Mot control is good or bad? (at idle)

CO 3.09%vol

CO2 10.6% vol

HC 186ppmvol

O2 4.3%vol

CO2 Corr 3.4%vol

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