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Classic Engines, Modern Fuel

Comments on Topic: Best curve for a given engine

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Submitted by Anonymous

Hi all,

I just added one more curve Just to advise that the published curves are not qualified. Nothing tells us if they are adapted to a given engine and modern fuel. A remark field would be desirable to anotate how the actual curve was obtained (standard, tuned with dyno, book reference, chance...) so as a user can chose a valid curve for its engine.


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Submitted by The Author

This is a very good point. Thank you.

I will add two fields to the advance curve.

The first will be a radio button to select the source of the curve. I suggest the options:

  • Published (from a reference, book or the internet)
  • Measured (on the car as per the instructions on this site)
  • Rolling road (best power measurement)

The second field will be a free text comment field.

Do you think this will meet your suggestion?

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