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Comments on Topic: Cleveland Discol

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One question which always niggles me. In the late 60's and 70's I ran my motorbikes and cars on Cleveland Discol which was a petrol alcohol mix available widely in the UK.


Never had any problems with that. What's the difference with the new E10 fuels. Are alcohol's properties different to the ethanol used in E10 fuel?

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I have heard it is possible to remove the ethanol from the petrol by adding water. Is this recommended?

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I would strongly recommend against removing ethanol from petrol.

It is easy to remove just by adding water and waiting for the ware to settle. However, there are three serious issues:

  1. &Ethanol is an anti-knock additive. Removing it from the petrol reduces its RON and may make engines susceptible to pinking or knocking.
  2. The physical properties of petrol are defined by various international standards, one is its specific gravity. Removing ethanol will change the specific gravity of the petrol and as a result carburettors, etc. will not deliver the correct mixture.
  3. Water that has come into contact with ethanol blended petrol is HIGHLY corrosive. If water has been used to remove the ethanol, unless the resultant petrol is properly dried to remove ALL traces of water, it may cause significant damage to fuel systems.

It’s a lot easier and safer just to replace the rubber hoses, etc.

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