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Progress in helping the Children

We are helping the children in Kideleko Village in Tanzania which has 3 primary schools. There are 7 infant classes in each school with around 40 children in in each class. 840 young children in all! The scale of the project is much larger than I had originally envisaged.

Any financial help you can give will be much appreciated.

if you buy a copy of the book you will be contributing in a small way towards this project. If you would like to make a donation you can send it to PayPal or contact me directly.

Pens, Pencils etc.

I considered buying the pencils, pens, sharpeners and erasers in Tanzania unfortunately, the quality was very poor. Instead I bought them from an educational supplier in the UK.

1500 pencils, 500 pens...... I am very lucky that somebody has offered to ship them to Tanzania for me free of charge.

Boxes for shipment
Older children
Pen & Pencils

Younger children


Books are very bulky and heavy. Fortunately, my contact was able to help. Her daughter kindly went to the supplier in Dar es Salaam and bought books.

These will be taken to the village to be given out with the pens and pencils.

The picture shows just some of the books. The ones for the older children.

Older children
Books old
Younger children
Books Young


The children do not have book bags where they can keep their books, pencils, etc. together and safe. We all felt it was important to give each child a book bag. Unfortunately, the cost was too much.

My contact spoke to ladies in the village who said they would be able to make them for me..... if they had a sewing machine..... We were able to buy two machines in Dar es Salaam - thanks to my contacts daughter.

A friend has designed a simple to make bag and we are currently looking into sourcing the fabric.

I just hope it is not too expensive. 840 bags is a lot!

Sewing machines
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