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Classic Engines, Modern Fuel

Classic Engines, Modern Fuel

Classic Engines, Modern Fuel: The Problems, the Solutions


Will be released on March 16, 2020.

Classic cars and motor bikes and modern fuel do not go well together. There many real problems that can result in serious damage to an engine or the components of the fuel system. The addition of ethanol to petrol is a real worry.

Look at the before and after pictures below. It is hard to believe these pictures were taken only 6 months apart

Picture showing the effects of ethanol blended petrol

Unfortunately, there is a lot of misleading information and speculation on the Internet about the effects of modern fuel. In order to find out what was really important, a set of tests were run on a classic engine using the facilities at Manchester University. These are the most comprehensive set of tests ever run on a classic engine.

The results of the tests, background information on engines and carburettors and suggested solutions to the problems have been published in a book Classic Engines, Modern Fuel. The Problems, the Solutions. This is a must read for any classic or old-timer vehicle owner.

The website supports the book. It hosts:

  • A bulletin board allowing owners ask questions and share information. It is organised along the lines of the chapters in the book
  • A section that allows owners to share information about the best brand or type of fuel to use in their classic vehicle.
  • The shape of the ignition advance curve is very important. A section allows owners to plot and share advance curves for their vehicles.
Picture of book